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Extra Chill Fest Artist Profile: Tape Waves

Photo: Brett Tighe

Tape Waves is a dream pop band from Charleston, SC, consisting of husband and wife duo Kim and Jarod Weldon. The pair started making music together back in 2013, which was before they were married, and released the self-titled Tape Waves EP in March 2013. Since then, they have become a beloved member of the Charleston indie scene, releasing three full-length albums and signing with Bleeding Gold Records in the United States, and 2670 Records in Japan.

Their most recent album, Distant Light, was released in June. Following the release of Distant Light, Tape Waves went on tour in Japan, where they played with several other 2670 artists. It may seem strange for a Charleston indie band to go on tour in Japan, but according to a recent interview with the Charleston City Paper, a large percentage of people who buy their records are not from the United States, and their sound has been a hit with the Japanese audience in particular.

Tape Waves are currently back on U.S. soil, and are gearing up to play Extra Chill Fest at The Purple Buffalo on Saturday, September 8th. A Tape Waves show in Charleston is somewhat of a rarity, and we’re extremely excited for them to bring their laid-back brand of indie rock to the festival. Listen to all three Tape Waves albums below to get familiar with their sound.

Tickets to Extra Chill Fest are $20 and available here.