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Zack Mexico Surprises Us With New DIY Album

Yesterday, psychedelic rock band Zack Mexico quietly announced that they would be releasing a new album at midnight. According to the band’s Instagram story, they decided a few weeks back that they would record a new album within three weeks.

In true Zack Mexico fashion, they at first didn’t realize that the completion deadline that they’d set for themselves was only two weeks away. Once they realized this, instead of pushing their own personal deadline back by another week, they got to work recording even faster than originally planned.

Zack Mexico recorded the entire six track album themselves in a two week time period and released it on their Bandcamp page at midnight tonight, Sunday, March 4th, 2018.

The band also mentioned that they will be recording many more DIY projects similar to this one in the near future. Oh, and they also said they’ll be releasing a studio album later this year. Yes, there’s a new Zack Mexico studio album coming later this year.

Listen to the surprise DIY release from Zack Mexico, The Page The Pope and The Hanged Man below.

Also, “The Ballad of Brett Nash“.