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Watch the NPR Tiny Desk Submission from Terraphonics

I don’t think Terraphonics gets the attention they deserve here in Charleston. The band is packed to the brim with talented musicians who can pretty much play any genre. From their “Sample Jams” with local hip-hop artists to their full band sets where they improvise intricate versions of their recorded music and seem to lose track of time, there’s always something special about seeing them perform.

That’s why it’s nice to see that they’ve made an entry into the NPR Tiny Desk Contest, where if they win they’ll be given the opportunity to play behind the universally-respected Tiny Desk. The competition is obviously fierce with this one, but they assembled a proper team to give them their best chance of success. With Paul Chelmis behind the camera and guitarist Thomas Kenney handling the recording and mixing, the video looks and sounds its absolute best.

Even if Terraphonics doesn’t end up being selected as winner, now we’ve got this awesome video of them to watch over and over again. For this one, they wrote and recorded a brand new song called “Whatchya Need” with Manny Houston, also known as Alan Fame. Manny is a superstar in his own right, and he fits in perfectly with the other “working musicians” of Terraphonics.

Check it out for yourself below.