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BD from the Sax – “Solo Dolo Life” (Video)

Charleston hip-hop artist BD from the Sax moves on from his breakup songs of 2020 with the new self-love anthem, “Solo Dolo Life”, released on Thursday along with a minimalist music video from BD’s frequent collaborator Liam Rowley, who also made the video for the low-key hit “I’m A Skater”, released just about exactly a year ago.

“Solo Dolo Life” is a real vibe for anybody who spent some time soul-searching during quarantine and discovered that you can be perfectly happy all by yourself. It also contains the subtle message: BD from the Sax is on the glow-up, which means that we can probably expect some more good and creative stuff like this from him in the near future.

Watch the video for “Solo Dolo Life” by BD from the Sax below.