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Jyve and PBR Team Up to Host Four Week Long Battle of the Bands

Local music booking app Jyve has been helping musicians get some valuable exposure with their open mic every Monday night at JohnKing for a few months now. Jyve has teamed up with Pabst Blue Ribbon to take that to the next level, with a four-week Battle of the Bands being dubbed the Chucktown Artist Showdown. If you’ve been living in Charleston for any amount of time, you know how much Charleston residents love their Pabst, and it goes without saying that PBR goes hand-in-hand with live music, and particularly rock n roll.

The artists involved in the first round of the Chucktown Artist Showdown are Deaf Dog, Just Groove, Ben Whitney, and Bizness Suit, with John Sherrill, Faction 15, Dylan Evans, and City on Down to be featured in future rounds. The first installment of this event is Thursday, September 7th, and will recur once a week for the remainder of September. The open mic nights will still take place on Mondays.

Admission is free, and the music runs from 9pm to midnight. Facebook event here.