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Cultura Festival 2024 (Photos + Recap)

Kuntry at Cultura Festival 2024. Photo by MaqaveliDaDon (@maqavelii_da_don)

Cultura Festival 2024 was yet another monumental event, featuring a cast of local and National artists that graced the people of Charleston with black excellence. The environment, the music, the people, the FOOD, all mixed together to make a successful 3rd annual Cultura Fest at The Royal American on April 13th. 

The first thing I noticed upon arrival is that Matt and team have found a sick groove with their overall set up: 1 big stage, vendors, arcade, food trucks, and a ridiculous sound system. Easy to roam and they didn’t have so much going on that we forgot about the music. I personally enjoyed that.

Opening the day was Comani. I recently covered her track “B2TY” for our Extra Chill New Music Radar. After speaking with SWIM affiliate Black Dave, I was informed this was her first on stage performance. The nerves quickly disappeared as she got into her set, invited her dancers, and overall did the damn thing. Great start to the evening, and awesome that Comani’s first performance was at THE Cultura. 

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be there for the whole event, as I was slotted to perform perform with Rhodium at Lofi Brewing for the Local Fund Fest for Southern Paws and Tails by Allison Forbes, but I was able to catch Desemaj and one of my favorite artists in the underground, Kuntry aka The Groove God. 

Desemaj, who I wasn’t too familiar with prior to Cultura, blew me away with her vocals and lively stage performance. Also, her fit was IMMACULATE. Following her, was Kuntry, Charleston’s self-proclaimed Groove God. He definitely put an energy in the atmosphere that continued to open up the evening. He performed some of his classic songs and gave us a handful of Synkronic vibes, with a LIVE SAXOPHONIST.

I left from 6-9pm, so I missed Lil Boss, Domani, and SC’s very own Nick Grant. But I was able to get back in time to hit the mosh pit for Duke Deuce’s closing performance. Being one of the bigger names on the bill, I was looking forward to seeing his energy in person and he didn’t sell us short. Beyond standing on his name as the new King of Crunk, he played a few unreleased tracks and tapped in with his Charleston fanbase.

All in all, Cultura Festival proves to be a continuous pillar for Charleston’s music scene, and an exemplary representation of black music, unity, and entrepreneurship that exists in the city of Charleston.

Cultura Festival 2024

Photos by MaqaveliDaDon (@maqavelii_da_don)