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What Is Good Taste in Music?

“Good taste in music” is a phrase that resonates uniquely with different individuals. Often, it is ascribed to those who consistently bring new and intriguing musical recommendations to the table or share similar preferences with us. But what really defines good taste in music?

The Subjectivity of Music Taste

Music, by its very nature, is a subjective experience. What might be a melodious masterpiece to one person could be an unappealing noise to another. Those who are often termed as having “good taste” in music are usually individuals who spend considerable time exploring and understanding different genres and artists. They develop a keen sense of what appeals to them and can articulate why certain tunes resonate more than others.

Music Connoisseurs vs. Casual Listeners

There’s a distinct line between music connoisseurs and casual listeners. Connoisseurs take pride in their music collection and often have a vast knowledge of various genres and artists. They are the ones you would likely turn to for recommendations on what to listen to next.

On the other hand, some people openly admit that their music taste might not align with the general consensus of “good.” However, this honesty in preference is also a form of good taste, as it reflects self-awareness and personal understanding.

Extra Chill’s Approach to Good Music Taste

At Extra Chill, we strive to embody the essence of good music taste. Our New Music Radar playlist on Spotify, curated and updated weekly by our entire team, showcases a blend of genres and artists, reflecting our collective musical palate.

Additionally, our song meanings category offers insights into the stories and lyrics behind iconic songs, providing a deeper understanding of music beyond just the melody, as well as our taste in music.


Ultimately, good taste in music is about exploration, understanding, and personal preference. It’s about being open to various genres while also recognizing and appreciating the nuances that make each piece unique.