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The Future of Music is a Grassroots Movement

First Cut is the Deepest: A 90s Tribute Show at Music Farm (Photos + Recap)

Looking around at the music industry landscape, it’s clear that it’s time for a shakeup. Ask anyone who is involved, who doesn’t work for Live Nation, and they will agree that the music industry has become a sour and desolate place that lacks opportunities for creatives to gain recognition.

Festivals and media companies are corporate-owned (by the same corporations), and the little guy cannot compete. Fans are manipulated into consuming what the powers that be want us to consume. This is why we see so many failed events, this is why all the festival lineups are the same, all summer long. Not to mention the ticket prices.

It’s time for a grassroots movement to rise up. We must embrace the power of community, side-step algorithms, and seek alternatives with conscious awareness.

I’m not here to commiserate about this. I’m here to try and make a difference. I believe Extra Chill is a powerful independent voice that can help bring about positive change. This is our latest mission, and it informs every decision that we make.

Thanks for reading Extra Chill. Here’s the latest from the team.

Charleston Live Music Calendar

First Cut is the Deepest: A 90s Tribute Show at Music Farm (Photos + Recap)

For two years we published a hand-selected weekly roundup of Live Music in Charleston, and it was one of our most popular features. However, the time has come for innovation, so we replaced it with a dope events calendar that pulls from venue websites directly.

We still have a few venues to add, and we also plan to allow our Community members to list their own events if they are not already there. Any venue with events listed on their website can be added, so let us know if you notice any that are missing.

Rap Beef: The Big Picture

Indi’Gxld explores the history of the rap beef, from its origins in New York in the 80s up to today’s widely-publicized and controversial beef between Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Drake. While the public may crave controversy, Thad points out that collaboration would have been preferable, and calls for a unified spirit among hip-hop artists as leaders and role models for black youth in America.

Premiere: Erode The Dream – “The Waiting”

Our latest premiere features the brand new Charleston hard rock project, Erode the Dream’s “The Waiting.” Longtime locals teamed up with Colombia-born CHS newcomer Mauricio Mas├úre, who I called their “secret weapon” on vocals.

How to Manipulate the Instagram Algorithm

Anfernee “Cooks the Corner” at SXSW 2024.

I posted in our Community yesterday and explained how people can get more engagement on their Instagram posts by contacting their friends off-platform. It really works in getting your posts shown to more people. They really won’t like that I’m sharing this, but honestly, it’s time to fight back. So, we created an Instagram engagement thread to help us collectively game the algorithms.

Don’t let them pressure you into buying ads. Beat them at their own game instead.

High Water 2024

Extra Chill will have a team of four on the ground at High Water Festival this weekend providing honest, in-depth coverage and photography from the event. Stay tuned, and join the community discussion started by badjonphoto.

See our review of last year’s High Water Festival

Upcoming Extra Chill Events

Two of them out in the world, with two more set for announcement soon.

Persona La Ave – Marathon Boogie w/ Abstract – That Rapper: Royal American April 27th

Stay tuned for an interview with Dylan Dawkins aka Persona La Ave dropping Monday.

TWEN w/ Mantra at Charleston Pour House: June 9th