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First Cut is the Deepest: A 90s Tribute Show at Music Farm (Photos + Recap)

Alanis Morissette vs. Sheryl Crow @ Music Farm. Photo by Clif Rhodes.

On Friday, April 5th, Extra Chill hosted our first-ever show at the Music Farm, featuring two unique, collaborative sets from all-local artists. It was a special night for all, especially Extra Chill, as it marked our Music Farm debut. Our first show at a venue that we’d been frequenting for almost 15 years.

Thank you to everybody who came out, and stay tuned for our next installment of 90s tributes at the Far to be announced soon.

Here is the photo gallery, courtesy of the one and only Clif Rhodes (, with a quick recap of each set by yours truly.

Queens of 90s Hip-Hop Tribute

Kicking off the night we had the Queens of 90s Hip-Hop Tribute, organized by Indi’Gxld of Extra Chill. Featuring Joi Giovanni, Toni Esther, GiRL, and Allison Forbes, plus a fully-curated band. They played all the hits from the 90s, with DJ Mosaic on the 1s and 2s.

Following the set, the PoorRichKids Collective hopped up on stage for a freestyle dance session that blew the minds of everyone in attendance. Indi’Gxld has been telling me about this group for months, and introduced me to them at Rebel Taqueria. Big ups to them for bringing a fresh and unexpected twist to the event, and for the badass dancing of course.

See photos from the Queens of 90s Hip-Hop tribute below.

All photos by Clif Rhodes (

Alanis Morissette vs. Sheryl Crow

Closing things out, we had Alanis Morissette vs. Sheryl Crow performed by members of Babe Club, Baby Yaga, Majic Dust, and more. Jenna Desmond of Babe Club took on the role of Sheryl Crow, while Presley Randall of Baby Yaga performed as Alanis alongside Heather Kimbrell.

Chris Gardner as Kid Rock. Photo by Clif Rhodes.

Special guest Chris Gardner of Extra Chill joined the band for a special duet performance of the Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock hit “Picture” alongside Jenna Desmond.

All around great time. See you at the next one!

Photos by Clif Rhodes below (