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Premiere: Erode The Dream – “The Waiting”

Erode The Dream are a brand new Charleston-based hard rock band founded by longtime members of the rock, heavy metal, and hardcore scenes in Charleston, with a secret weapon on vocals. Locals Ryan Martin (guitar), Jon Stout (guitar), Robbie Weise (bass), and Steven Wilson (drums) have been around Charleston for years as musicians, visual artists, photographers, and all-around creatives who you may know from groups like Serpent Church, Lost Cosmonauts, and more.

According to the band, they’re “still headbangers, still pissed off, but they’ve outlived enough trends to know what sounds they want to make.” This led them to the formation of Erode The Dream, whose debut single premieres today right here on Extra Chill.

Erode The Dream brings a grungier sound that feels more open, and dare I say, classic than past projects. The secret weapon here is vocalist Mauricio Masãre, a Colombia-born architect, visual artist, and newcomer to Charleston’s music scene who they linked up with through mutual friends in the scene.

With Mauricio on vocals, Erode The Dream take the steady chug of Charleston’s hard rock scene and infuse it with a fresh and engaging sound that is poised to make waves.

Their debut single, “The Waiting” blasts into the world today, through a wall of guitars, well-defined drumming, and noticeably powerful vocals. The sound is rooted in the foundational core of metal, drawing influence from the genre’s early staples like Metallica, Pantera, and Black Sabbath, but touched with the genre-bending influence of the 2020s. They weave in elements of punk and atmospheric rock and find their way into an experimental territory that is both familiar and forward-thinking.

Mauricio is a bilingual, multi-talented force to be reckoned with. Not only a vocalist, he also paints murals under the moniker Masãre. “Visually, he tends to depict fragmented and distorted human faces,” the group says. “As a member of the band, he brings the seasoned sound of an old-school metal frontman who’s not afraid to wail, in English or in Spanish.”

“The Waiting” was self-produced and self-recorded, with mixing and mastering done by Eric Rickert of Charleston’s Big Animal Studios.

Erode The Dream will make their debut live performance at Charleston’s Tin Roof on May 18th, joined by Genrevolta and Spartina. Stream “The Waiting” below, and stay tuned for more.

Erode the Dream – “The Waiting” (2024)