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Hannah Wicklund Kicks off Hell in the Hallway Tour with The High Divers at Music Farm (Photos + Review)

Hannah Wicklund at Music Farm. Photo by Sarah Grace Sherbondy (@sg.mgmt).

As we know, Charleston naturally kicks off the weekend early, and last Thursday we were graciously visited by the talents of Hannah Wicklund, as she kicked off the first show of her Hell In The Hallway Tour at the Music Farm, with support from The High Divers

Wicklund’s keeping it in the family for her world tour alongside her brother, Luke Mitchell, who anchors vocals and lead guitar for The High Divers. The sibling duo’s been known to bring their powerhouse fusion to fruition, even following their 2018 Sibling Rivalry Tour – some impressive family dynamics, as most of us find it difficult to get through a Thanksgiving dinner. 

The evening remained mildly warm outside of the historic Farm doors, and after a slow trickle in of friendly fans, took the indoors for a hot turn as The High Divers made their way to the stage.

The High Divers

The (former) Charleston locals who formed almost a decade ago, grabbed the chatting audience’s attention with their bona fide and sharp Americana lure. With an immediate sense of direction, the group sustained a noble fluidity that rippled through the freshly renovated venue. 

The High Diver’s setlist was composed of an array of originals, including their hit single “Give It Up”, which spawned the floor to sing along to every word of the rock n roll rooted lyrics– wrapped with a discernible healing tone. 

After inviting multi-instrumental maestro and producer, Corey (Coco) Campbell, on the stage to hold down a second guitar, the collective played a handful of more originals and closed out the rapturous shake of a set, to introduce the highly-anticipated main act of the night. 

The High Divers at Music Farm – 2/8/24 (Photos)

All photos by Sarah Grace Sherbondy (@sg.mgmt).

Hannah Wicklund

Wicklund made her ethereal entrance in a peachy fashion– barefoot, draped in a flower-embroidered pink dress with a luminescent tiara and pink Jazzmaster. The Hilton Head Island native made sure her home state was the first stop of the four-month Hell In The Hallway Tour, breaking through the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Germany. 

The powerhouse vocalist and multi-instrumentalist debuted her newest album The Prize, which dropped last month. “The Prize is a beautiful representation of what raw feminine power and determination look, feel and sound like. Carved with pain during the most wounded and fragile point in our young heroine’s life, this record is for anyone that has ever had to look inward to move onward.

Playing a handful of songs from the album and throwing in the mention that it was written and recorded in three days on a cruise ship – but not neglecting older tunes like “Strawberry Moon”. 

Towards the end of the set Wicklund made her way to play a track on the keys and revealed that it was the first time she’s played piano on stage. With an admitting and vulnerable stage presence, Wicklund’s exemplary craftsmanship gushed through the use of the talk box, envelope effects, and a pure inviting humming tone that captured the attention of everyone in the room.

Hannah Wicklund at Music Farm – 2/8/24 (Photos)

All photos by Sarah Grace Sherbondy (@sg.mgmt).