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Extra Chill Team on Apple Juice For 2 Podcast

Extra Chill team members Chris Gardner, Kate Bryan, and myself were recent guests on Charleston’s Apple Juice For 2 podcast. Hosted by Isaiah Allen, Brevin Stallings and produced by Cameron Allen, the podcast interviews various Charlestonians and focuses on cultural commentary.

This naturally includes guests from the music scene, and Extra Chill made an appearance in Episode 86, just released on Friday.

We sat down with Cameron Allen and discussed the history and goals of Extra Chill, as well as many other music and culture related topics. For anyone interested in the Charleston music scene or a behind-the-scenes look into Extra Chill, this episode is for you.

Apple Juice For 2 is also nominated in the Charleston City Paper for Best Local Podcast and we support that notion and encourage voting for them.

This is also a great place to plug that Chris Gardner, featured in this episode and on the Extra Chill Instagram is nominated for Best Charlestonian and we strongly encourage voting for him.

Last day to vote is March 7th.

Check us out on Apple Juice For 2 below.