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Sxvxnt Releases Wayfare Vol.1 EP (Review)

Sxvxnt recently dropped a teaser of the album with the single “Chicago 1800”, but he has finally blessed our ears the full EP Wayfare Vol.1 solely produced by Satchill Head. Sxvxnt is a lyricist who pays homage to the original sounds, rhyme schemes, and cadences of the golden era of hip hop. His music is a refreshing throwback to the days when the genre was all about the art of storytelling, complex wordplay, and a commitment to social commentary. Sxvxnt is a true wordsmith, and his lyrics are a testament to his passion for the craft.

Wayfare Vol. 1 is a series of journal entry-type thoughts transmuted into rap form. Each song holds a collection of seemingly aimless thoughts, but upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that each track is the conclusion of various conversations and freeverses from points in time in Sxvxnt’s interconnected journey in life and how it translates to hip-hop.

“Chicago 1800” is the initial single from the project, which introduces the theme of his time-stamped soliloquies. This specific song is in reference to his home base of Chicago and sheds light on the police brutality in the city, spearheaded by poetic lyrics and clever punches.

The next stop on this flight is actually where Sxvxnt boarded the Wayfare Vol.1 plane. “Kobenhaven 0400” is a freestyle that lit the fire and inspired the conceptual framework of the album. Two-stepping in with the ethereal soul of the hook, Sxvxnt delivers first class word play and intricate rhyme schemes, with a smooth melodic glaze over the Satchill Head production. Presenting a confident flow, revealing the inspirations behind his drive and inspirations as an artist.

“I thought I told you, what y’all ain’t heard/ I’m from the city where ‘Hustle’ is life Not a verb / Where Cicero and Washington Twist lines / The center of L.U.’s empire And She might have a pillow to my grind/But She’s a pillar to my grind / And She’s the illest with the rhyme: L-U, J.U., Twista, Com,Open Mike, Bump J, Jenkins, Va,Spencer, Defcee, Angelenah, Zaar, AMS, 2G, Fillmore, Psalm, Longshot, Dee Jack, JDP, Pha, Since9ine, Mista Dent, Omen, Di, I could keep the names rolling along / But that Amsterdam flight and show’s tomorrow / And the alarm buzz just went off on my old Girard / And I’m running out of beat so I’ll close the drawer”

As Wayfare Vol.1 makes its final stop with “Melbourne 0200”, we get a more introspective take on Sxvxnt’s personal life and the obstacles he’s overcoming, as he continues on his journey with indie label, Sound Of Cannae. “Melbourne 0200” is based on a conversation Sxvxnt had with his parents about their concerns with the instabilities of the dream he is manifesting.

He addresses the questions AND the answers in verses like:

“…The City Of Gardens is where I’m mobbing while mom and pops are like / Listen son, we see your sparkling light / Often in motion, boarding on a flight, never home beyond a night / Tethered to your calendar, Getzen, cell and of course your mic / Gliding through the prime of your life with nan thought of a wife? / I’ve neither the space or time / Not even the state of mind/Ain’t enough space in my racing lane/At this pace of mine/A place divine / Adjacent to Ambridge is this wave that I’m riding / Unless her name is–“.

Sxvxnt’s music is not just about the beats and the rhymes; it’s about the message. His lyrics are thought-provoking and insightful, and they encourage listeners to think critically and listen THRICE. Sxvxnt is unafraid to tackle difficult topics, and he does so with a level of honesty and authenticity that is rare, with his vintage delivery and crisp modern thought processes.

Overall, Sxvxnt is a true artist who is dedicated to preserving the roots of hip hop while pushing the genre forward. His music is a testament to his love for the craft, and his commitment to using his platform to make a positive impact on the world and do it with signature style. Stream Wayfare Vol.1 exclusively on Bandcamp.