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To Forget Releases Double Single, Cornered in a Retrospect

The three-piece post-metal screamo band hailing from Charleston, To Forget has just dropped their newest project, Cornered in a Retrospect, their first release since the full-length album, Echoes Take Their Place in 2021. 

Cornered in a Retrospect is composed of two tracks: “Disaster Response” & “Lights Out in February”, which were recorded at War House Recordings in Gainesville, FL, and engineered by John Howard. This release delivers an intricate yet distinct interpretation of grief with blunt deliverance in every nook. 

“Disaster Response” commences first on the double single with a grimy guitar intro accompanied by acute low-end bass from Joe Suthers and sharp yet experimental percussion from drummer Andy Munz.

As the single opens up melodically you continue to feel the heaviness through the contrast of screams and earnest vocals. This corresponds with the track’s origins, which relate to the pain of internalized baggage that guitarist Nate McKinley described as “unseen through the eyes of your peers”.

Post-hardcore and poignant in its truest form, “Lights Out in February” starts with a voice recording over the evocative chords from vocalist/guitarist Nate McKinley (formerly of Dawning). He describes the emotions of losing his father to ALS in 2018, and how memories of health and joy can become overshadowed by the condition in which you last saw a loved one.

The distorted sounds aligned behind the vocals resemble that of planes descending and thrust the song into a cold, uncontrollable chaos. Followed by a tight-pocketed drum rhythm that drills a path for the palpitating bassline to make way for the menacing call-and-response vocals and discordant guitar.

This double single portrays a yin-yang effect in experiencing loss and the heavyweight it brings with it. To Forget made an unforgettable comeback with Cornered in a Retrospect and continues to pave the way in an underserved Charleston screamo-punk scene. 

Listen to To Forget’s double single Cornered in a Retrospect below, and seize the chance to catch them live in Charleston at Frontier Lounge with Phantom Bay, Youth League, and Catholics on October 25th. Also, check out their 7’’ lathes from Zegema Beach Records– available for purchase!