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Jerkweed Release Cover of Taking Back Sunday’s “Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From The Team)” (Video)

Jerkweed is a new band formed by Charleston musicians Dylan Swinson (guitar/vocals), Matt Zutell (guitar/vocals), and Ryan Hanifin (bass/vocals), performing covers of emo hits from the early 2000s. Their first offering is a cover of Taking Back Sunday’s classic, “Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From The Team)”.

The former emo kids out there will love this one. It’s a true-to-form take on an old favorite, a song that helped to shape the genre of emo as we know it, and one that got an entire generation of middle schoolers hooked on a sound.

Not only that, both the recording and the in-studio video were professionally done (DIY, at the pro level) at Zutell’s Coast Records Studio, giving it a well-packed crispiness that would benefit any band.

I’d also like to share an anecdote about the first time I met Matt Zutell. It was the Fall of 2011, and I was a freshman at the College of Charleston. I had a show on CisternYard radio where I would often play songs by Taking Back Sunday and Brand New. Zutell, a couple years older than me, was the station manager. He heard TBS blasting in the studio and popped his head in to tell me that he loved the music.

Look at him now — performing in his very own Taking Back Sunday cover band. Sometimes things come full circle. Zutell is also usually a drummer, so Human Resources fans will get a kick out of seeing him play guitar and sing.

A few more of these covers (let’s see “Seventy Times Seven” next) and Jerkweed will be well on their way to selling out the Music Farm.

Watch the video for “Cute Without The ‘E’ by Jerkweed below.