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Babe Club – “Optical Illusions”

Pop duo Babe Club released a new single, “Optical Illusions,” on Friday, and it’s a buzzy, badass treat for the ears. 

The song deals in contrasts and juxtapositions, with singer Jenna Desmond remarking that she’s “finding beauty marks in imperfections” but is also “indecisive” and needs “a way out.”

A deep, jagged bassline cuts through the track, bringing Desmond’s floaty vocals back down to earth with a metallic edge. The overall effect is cinematic, like something that would play during a key montage in an action movie.

“Everyday is such a tiny disaster,” Desmond sings, her voice smoldering in a way that makes disaster sound attractive. That’s the genius of Babe Club –  inverting the expected, building upon familiar references with a certain sharpness and irony. 

“Optical Illusions” follows “The Core” in Babe Club’s latest string of releases and shows Desmond and Campbell continuing to forge a distinct viewpoint in the landscape of indie pop. Stream the new track below.