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Babe Club – “The Core”

Babe Club’s newest song, “The Core,” is an exploration of existential dread and purpose. The track, which was released on Friday, is the latest from the duo since “Olivia” dropped in October.

“The Core” begins with a thumping beat and some melancholy, gentle keys. “You saw me spiral,” Desmond sings. The juxtaposition of intensity and tenderness in the soundscape matches the thematic undertones of the track.

“I wrote this song during one of the most sad, confusing, strange times in my life. I felt small and I thought about how the world could go on without me and I would just be there floating trying to figure out my life. Panic attack vibes, uncertainty and indecision,” Desmond said in an Instagram post. “Corey told me I had to find “My Core”, as in figure out what I was and what I wanted. I haven’t figured it out, but I did something. I’m lucky something so beautiful came out of such a sad time.”

Desmond’s vocals are layered and sparkling, managing to feel both ethereal and anthemic in the chorus as she asks “Where’s my core?” The intonation of her question doesn’t sound hopeless, rather, she is open and ready for the answer. 

About a third of the way through the track, the beat intensifies, and Desmond’s voice lowers as she repeats “painful, beautiful,” seeming to sum up the experience of being human. Stream “The Core” by Babe Club below.