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Abstract – That Rapper – “Vibe” feat. LaTeeDa

Here’s a name that we’re excited to see back in our new music section: Abstract – That Rapper.

The Charleston-based artist has shared a track from the vaults called “Vibe” featuring LaTeeDa, which marks his first new release since 2021. He’s mostly laid low since then, but earlier this summer he began popping up at shows again, and the release of “Vibe” marks an official return.

“Vibe” is arranged like a classic hip-hop / R&B duet, with Abstract’s emotive verses interwoven with LaTeeDa’s sultry vocals. Lyrically, it explores a deep connection between two people who both feel a special energy between them, which they simply refer to as “the vibe”, and they both want to hang onto it forever.

The song itself dates back to an earlier time, according to Abstract: “Actually it’s a Lost file that I didn’t release because it was too special to me and then when I want it to release it all of my music that I saved to my College Of Charleston email was deleted. I’m just getting it back.”

However, he continues, “It marks way more NEW to come.”

Abstract is back, y’all. Listen to “Vibe” below, and stay tuned.