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Loser Chris – “Rolling Rock”

Rapper Loser Chris released a new single, “Rolling Rock,” at midnight last night, just in time for your Fourth of July shenanigans. James Begin, Clayton James, Tobyraps, and Chris DiCola are all featured on the track.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to human ashtray by Loser Chris. I’m about to take my socks off and drink eleven Rolling Rocks, I’ll see you inside,” the song begins, along with the satisfying crack of a beer being opened. 

From here, a deep bass line and energetic beat lead the track. The artists rap with straightforward, crisp delivery, recounting hijinx like being pulled over when intoxicated because they “thought the middle of the road was a parking spot.”

There is a sizzle of an electric guitar about halfway through the song, punctuating the sort of washed-up, summertime attitude of the lyrics.

“Rolling Rock” discusses drinking the beers until you’re on your back, and the energy of the song pushes forward enjoyably, persuading you to crack open another.

Listen to “Rolling Rock” by Loser Chris below.