Clayton James – Cough Drops and Sick Days

Last week, Clayton James dropped a three-pack of new tracks on his Soundcloud called Cough Drops and Sick Days. The collection includes the drop from August, “Keanu Reeves”, as well as two previously unheard tracks, both of which are collaborations with other Charleston musicians.

“Nylon” was produced by Big Yen and features the laid-back acoustic vibe that you’d expect from anything James Frolio touches. “Gather Round” is a collaboration with Little Stranger, and it has a nice bounce to it like a lot of LS stuff. It was produced by John Shields and features a verse from Kevin Shields. Always love to see local artists working together, especially when Little Stranger is involved.

Check out Cough Drops and Sick Days by Clayton James below, and stay tuned to hear what Clayton’s working on with his new band Late Night Memo.

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