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Dolo Boi – “LL King Keen”

Orangeburg, SC rap artist, Dolo Boi’s newest release “LL King Keen”, is a moving tribute to his childhood friend who tragically passed away. In the song, Dolo Boi shares his emotions and experiences upon receiving the news of King Keen’s death. He praises King Keen’s name and reflects on the memories they shared together, ensuring that his friend’s name will forever live on through him.

This stands true in the words of the hook “Lately been losing my mind, locked in the studio / got the whole gang stressed still can’t believe that I can’t see you no mo’ / sippin on OJ that’s my chaser, mixed with Don Julio / from the sandbox to the grave my brody I’ll never let you go!”

“LL King Keen” is a poignant reminder of the impact that lost loved ones can have on our lives, and the ways in which we can honor their memory. Through his music, Dolo Boi has created a lasting tribute to King Keen, one that will resonate with listeners who have experienced similar losses. Hold the ones you love dearly-tomorrow is not promised.

Though this song taps into a grim topic, the passion in Dolo Boi’s words and relatability to the subject, makes this a #GxldApproved track. The vulnerability, emotion, and honesty of “LL King Keen”, is also extremely prevalent in his recently released, self-produced album 216 & Cosgrove under his label Interstate Kidd Records.

One defining feature of Dolo Boi’s music is his willingness to tackle difficult concepts of reality and present them in a brashly articulate way. His lyrics are bluntly honest and often deal with issues like mental health, loss, and the everyday struggles of life in Orangeburg, SC that molded him into a man, artist, and CEO. This honesty, storytelling, and well-delivered lyricism, is accompanied by a sound that is both unique and refreshing, blending elements of classic Jazz and R&B with modern, synth-trap production.

Despite the weighty subject matter of his music, Dolo Boi’s sound is anything but heavy. His beats are smooth and mellow, providing the perfect backdrop for his introspective lyrics. Tracks like “175” and “Late Night on 26” are amongst my personal favorites.

Show love to #GxldApproved artist Dolo Boi, stream “LL King Keen” below and check out his album 216 & Cosgrove!