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DJ DollaMenu – “Hey Siri” (Video)

DJ DollaMenu released a music video for his 2019 single, “Hey Siri,” on Saturday. It was directed by Brent Best, with cinematography by Paul Chelmis

The crisp visuals for “Hey Siri” play with both the mundane and the uncanny, all while matching the tongue-in-cheek spirit exuded by the track, and by DJ DollaMenu himself

DJ DollaMenu is shown in a variety of situations, embodying a variety of characters: there’s military/spy DJ DollaMenu, uniformed workday DJ DollaMenu, and party DJ DollaMenu. His trusty bedside table supplies refreshments according to character: it’s stocked with a ready-to-eat bowl of cereal for the workday; an ice cold Bud Light before a show.

DJ DollaMenu performs, then heads home with a woman. A long haired man in a biker jacket prepares to take them down in a parking garage. Just in time, a savior throws chloroform over the would-be-attacker’s face, and DJ DollaMenu and his lady continue into the night, carefree.

In the final scene, DJ DollaMenu sits in his car, asking Siri what his name is. The biker-jacket man’s limp, fingernail-polished hand sticks out of the trunk.

The visual accompaniment to “Hey Siri” is a wild ride and showcases the immense local talent, spanning art forms, that exists in Charleston. It also reminds us of what a bop “Hey Siri” is. Watch the music video below.