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Mo Lowda & the Humble – “Coast is Waiting”

Mo Lowda & the Humble have been busy this year. The band released a new single, “Coast is Waiting,” over the weekend, another track in their quest to drop a new single every weekend until their new album comes out on March 3rd.

Like many of Mo Lowda & the Humble’s newer releases, “Coast is Waiting” has an atmospheric soundscape, creating the sonic suggestion of music in an expansive space. Frenetic drumming drives the track while low, thumping bass grounds the sound.

The instrumentation is stripped down in the middle section of the song, allowing nothing but Jordan Caiola’s voice, some soft piano notes, and a drum lick to shine. “It came time / To learn to prioritize / But I told you this is your life / The coast is waiting,” he sings.

“Coast is Waiting” quickly picks back up, though, with guitar that matches the intensity of the drums, creating a turbulent, emotive eruption of sound.

Stream “Coast is Waiting” below.