Slow Funeral – “Living How You Wanna Live” ft. Young Mister

Slow Funeral, the Spartanburg-based project of Charleston native Mary Norris, released a new track, “Living How You Wanna Live,” featuring Young Mister, last week. 

The song is a guitar-meets-piano ballad, with instrumentation rendered as tenderly as the lyrics themselves. “Is your body just another thing to take care of?” Norris asks. Her vocals are undeniably gorgeous: smooth and clear, made sharp at points with profound yearning.

After the first verse, “Living How You Wanna Live” opens up to a bigger sound, and Young Mister delivers his own set of emotive lyrics. 

When the two artists sing together, the harmonies hit just right, enveloping the listener in a wistful melancholy that calls to mind the best singer-songwriter duets of the early aughts, but with amped-up vigor and a dose of Americana charm. “I can’t make you change but are you living how you wanna live?” they ask with searching intensity. 

Stream “Living How You Wanna Live” by Slow Funeral featuring Young Mister below. 

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