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Lureto Releases New Album A Peak from the Crow’s Nest

Lureto released their first full-length album, A Peak from the Crow’s Nest, on Friday. The Covid-born instrumental group recorded the project at Fairweather Studio during the pandemic.

Though the track list isn’t particularly long, the album is expansive, with lengthy, meandering tunes that shine with instrumental precision while indulging in experimentation. Lead single “One Rip” and track “Ode to George,” a tribute to George Clinton of Funkadelic, were released earlier this year. The remaining six songs are brand new. 

There’s a soothing, brain-massage quality to the music — it’s relaxing even in its improvisation. Standout features include retro-sounding synth riffs and unexpectedly tender keys blended into the mix alongside crooning guitar and spirited drums.

This is the kind of instrumental music that even jam-scrooges can get behind and enjoy. Stream A Peak from the Crow’s Nest by Lureto below.