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Premiere: Lureto – “One Rip”

Instrumental quartet Lureto have a new single out this morning called “One Rip”. The track is the lead single from the band’s upcoming album, A Peak From The Crow’s Nest, and comes in advance of their Grateful Dead tribute with SUSTO this Saturday, March 19th in Austin, TX, performing as “Susto Es Muerto”.

Lureto features a talented cast of musicians including Ross Bogan of Doom Flamingo on keys, Wallace Mullinax of The Reckoning on guitar, Ben Mossman of Little Bird on bass, and Jonathan Peace on drums, with Aaron Utterback of Human Resources often in the mix as well.

“One Rip” has a free-spirited energy, complete with an Afro-Cuban-inspired backbeat, a joyous synth sound and a main guitar riff that has Wallace channeling the Allman Brothers. According to Wallace, he was also inspired by Fela Kuti’s 1971 live album with Cream drummer Ginger Baker when coming up with the riff, and you can certainly hear those influences in the recording.

The track, along with the rest of the upcoming album, was written and recorded during the early days of the pandemic at Fairweather Studio here in Charleston.

“It was a slow an introspective time for musicians and I think a lot of the music turned out that way as well,” Bogan says. “‘One Rip’ is an exception as it is one of the more lively and upbeat tunes from the album. To me it feels like a reflection of the joy we felt to get back in a room and play together.”

As for the song’s title, Ross says that he felt it was about getting a song done in just one take, or a “one and done” feel. However he was recently informed that the title really comes from the rhythm section taking singular puffs of different types of weed, and then grading them on a 1-10 scale: “One rip everybody knows the rules.”

Stream “One Rip” by Lureto below.