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Hermits Victory Releases New EP, Hermit Hotel: Extended Play

On Friday, Hermit’s Victory graced us with a new EP, Hermit Hotel: Extended Play. It’s the first release from Tyler Bertges’s project since the 2020 album Rain at the Boardwalk

Hermit Hotel is composed of four tracks with the same lofi mellowness of earlier Hermit’s Victory songs, but with an extra dash of funky groove, especially on “Girl” and “Keep Yourself Believin’.” “Stay Hi” is a bit more melancholy: “Still I pray that I don’t see you out on the town / I don’t really know what would go down / But I don’t want to find out,” Bertges sings. “Lose You” plays with an ethereal sound, building an ornate soundscape with the inclusion of otherworldly chants for the last minute of the song.

This EP is an exciting release from an offbeat favorite in the Charleston music scene. Bertges and friends celebrated with a show at Lofi Brewing on Saturday. Hunter Park of She Returns From War and Keon Masters also played. Stream Hermit Hotel: Extended Play by Hermit’s Victory below.