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She Returns From War – “Snakeskin Boots”

Cosmic americana band She Returns From War dropped a new single, “Snakeskin Boots,” today. It’s the group’s first release since their second album, Mirrored Moon Dance Hall, in 2018 (it was our pick for the best SC album of 2018).

“Snakeskin Boots” is reminiscent of the melancholy, alcohol-drenched classics of old, but the clever wordplay and a melodic “goth country” aura imparted by front woman Hunter Park make it modern and memorable.

“Flirted with the neon cowboys / that burn out after two am / she doesn’t need a boy with a fast car / big scar / who tells you that he’s just a friend,” Park sings,  demonstrating the kind of lyrical prowess that has established her as one of the most interesting songwriters out of Charleston.  “Snakeskin Boots” describes a woman who endures heartbreak and disappointment but also, on some level,  ends up with the power —  she may be crying, but she’s wearing kickass snakeskin boots and she’ll walk away just fine.

She Returns From War is supporting SUSTO on tour this weekend and is said to be cooking up a third album in the studio, so stay tuned for more music.

Stream “Snakeskin Boots” by She Returns From War below.