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Dumb Doctors – ‘Prozac Rock’ EP

Last week, Charleston lo-fi punk project Dumb Doctors quietly released a new collection of songs called Prozac Rock. The band itself has been mostly inactive for the past year, other than Scott’s occasional solo performances around town, but that apparently doesn’t mean that Scott has stopped recording new Dumb Doctors material.

Dumb Doctors has been the creative outlet for Charleston musician Scott Dence since around 2013. He records most of the material by himself, on tape in his basement studio in West Ashley. The music is raw, gritty, and as authentically lo-fi as you could possibly hope for.

Prozac Dreams is more of that for sure, except for the last track “Reptile (Coldvvave)”. This song is a re-interpretation of “The Reptile” off Dumb Doctors’ self-titled release from 2017. Instead of punk rock, we get an industrial synthwave version that is interesting and so far out of character for Dumb Doctors that it circles back around and lands right at home.

Listen to Prozac Rock by Dumb Doctors below.