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CrucialBGR – “BoyWonder Strikes Again!!” (Video)

CrucialBGR has been consistently more impressive as 2020 has gone on. It started with the release of the short tape WatchMeCloser in January, which looking back was clearly just a preview of what he had in store for the rest of the year. Then, in July he dropped the massive BigBad3!, weighing in at 17 tracks and filled with effortless wordplay. BigBad3! put him on the radar, and since then he’s continued to drop fire.

The newest release from CrucialBGR is a music video for “BoyWonder Strikes Again!!” off BigBad3!. The video, directed by the talented JoeyLenz showcases the effortless and genuine style that makes CrucialBGR so appealing as an artist. He’s just there as himself, not trying to put on any sort of persona, and he doesn’t even seem to give a fuck yet the verses are coming out with ease. I get the feeling that you could hand CrucialBGR a microphone and press play on a beat and he just can go on and on, and it will probably be better than 90% of other rapper’s written verses. I’d like to see a collab with Sunny Malin, who is laid-back and lyrical in a similar way.

Watch the video for “BoyWonder Strikes Again!!” by CrucialBGR below.