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Sunny Malin Releases Haint EP

It’s been a while since Sunny Malin’s name made its way across my desk here at Extra Chill HQ. A veteran of the inaugural Extra Chill Fest back in 2018, Sunny Malin often flies under the radar in the scene, but low-key delivers some of the most lyrical hip-hop that we’ve got coming out of the Holy City. He doesn’t try to hide behind flashy beats or production techniques, he simply steps up to the mic and delivers the goods.

This morning, Sunny Malin delivers his first collection of new music of 2020, other than his contribution on the Amethyst in SC album, a new EP called Haint. The EP is four tracks that are inherently connected by their titles, “Sum” “Things” “Never” “Die”. The songs have mellow feel and feature Sunny rapping about his mantras for life and hip-hop, showing off his wordplay over minimalist old school beats. This is some good stuff, and I’m particularly digging the vibe and Sunny’s fast rapping interspaced with that slow, chill, hook on “Things”.

Listen to the Haint EP by Sunny Malin below.