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Jordana – “I Guess This Is Life” (Video)

With the release of her new single “I Guess This Is Life”, singer-songwriter Jordana also announced the coming full circle of what has been a productive musical year for her thus far. “I Guess This Is Life” is the lead single off Jordana’s upcoming EP, To You, which will form a full-length album when combined with her July EP release, Something To Say. The LP titled Something To Say To You will be released digitally on December 4th, and physically on January 22nd via Grand Jury. And before that, in March, Jordana re-released an expanded version of her debut album Classical Notions of Happiness.

“I Guess This Is Life” is low-key bedroom pop with a sentimental, nostalgic feel. The song finds meaning in everyday life, expressing a search for peace and relaxation in the restlessness of existence. I was hooked right from the pianos that lead into the tune, and the soft drumming and gentle singing kept me there.

This song is a lot more minimalist sounding than most of the songs released on the Something to Say EP, which showcases Jordana’s ability to jump between soft indie sounds and more electronic, upbeat and produced music. This is a result of her collaboration with producer MELVV, who has been working with Jordana over the past few years and together they’ve continued to explore and expand her sound.

“I Guess This Is Life” was released on October 27th along with a music video filmed in Wichita, Kansas with director Mel Mercer. Watch and listen below.