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Pierce Alexander – “This Far” (Video)

Pierce Alexander dropped a music video for his song “This Far” on Friday. The track was originally released on the artist’s debut album The Minutehand.

The video is, according to Alexander, an exploration of addiction shown through the addict’s point of view, inspired by someone close to him who was struggling.

“This Far” is an acoustic guitar track at its core, surrounded by light instrumentation that skews upbeat.

Though topically heavy, the music video, which was created and produced by Jenna Desmond and Corey Campbell of Babe Club, doesn’t feel overtly earnest. Instead, it’s campy and dreamlike.

A woman (played by Lainie Robertson) falls in love with a mysterious man with a disco ball for a head. She grows increasingly attached to him, so dazzled that she drifts around, oblivious to her surroundings and unaware of her own actions.

“This Far” exemplifies Alexander’s ability to craft tender songs that glint with an edge of dark introspection, and the music video shows his appreciation for irony and the absurd. Watch the video below.