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Illiterate Light & Devon Gilfillian – “Freedom” (Video)

On Friday, Illiterate Light released a new song called “Freedom” in collaboration with Nashville artist and songwriter Devon Gilfillian. The song is a rockin’ groove that was created during quarantine via Zoom calls. Gilfillian adds a soulful element to the mix and gets the Illiterate Light boys to slow things down a little bit and find a beat. It’s a cool song and it has them sounding even more like My Morning Jacket than ever before.

The track was released along with a music video that features Jeff and Devon dressed in Star Wars or Halo-esque robot armor suits and yearning for the shore. The trio then embarks on an imaginative journey to the sea to find their idea of “Freedom”. The video was directed and produced by Patrick Fitzgerald and Alex Kent.

Here’s what the band had to say about the song in a recent Instagram post:

It felt sacred to us right away because of how it applied to so many of the aspects of our lives and society over the last 8 months; quarantine and not being physically able to go anywhere, BLM protests and the fight for justice, seeking refuge and release from the Trump-era darkness, and the desire to “wake up” and expand one’s consciousness to live a more present life. People experience and yearn for freedom in different ways.

Watch the video for “Freedom” by Illiterate Light & Devon Gilfillian below.