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Buddah Releases New Mixtape Man of the Year

Earlier this week, Charleston rapper Buddah released a new mixtape called Man of the Year. This tape is his second full-length release of the year, and it weighs in at 17 songs and close to an hour in length, as are most of his other tapes. Buddah just keeps it coming. The Man of the Year drop follows the release of the music video for arguably the hardest song on the tape, “Buddah”.

While a song like “Buddah” is full of energy and hype, and describes the persona of Buddah the artist, the tape also shines with some more emotional tracks like “My Black Experience” and the tape closer “Lord Why”. Buddah shows us with Man of the Year that of course he can talk shit, but he can also talk about real shit.

Check out the “Buddah” video and the rest of the Man of the Year mixtape below. Buddah was also featured on the Amethyst in SC project which dropped back in June, and you can check that out here.