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Fleur Geurl – “Mudpies”

This morning marked the first release from Fleur Geurl, the new project from former Tom Angst songwriter and frontlady Danielle McConaghy, who has recently moved from Greenville to Asheville. “Mudpies” is a breezy tune accented with violin and trumpet, and Danielle’s voice floats comfortably between the spaces. The song leans into nostalgia, cultivating that vibe with atmospheric tones and lyrics that look back on childhood memories.

Drawing a comparison to Tom Angst is only natural here, and I’d say it’s similar to the music that Tom Angst made only in the sense that Danielle is the vocalist and songwriter. It’s much more subdued than Tom Angst, with a slower tempo and a wider variety of tones. “Mudpies” is all about the mood and less about the pop.

Listen below.