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Circle Back, Fire and Flood, and Lucile at Big Gun (Photos)

Photo: Kayla Boshard

Last Tuesday, August 20th, was an unassuming Charleston evening. Calhoun Street was calm enough, except for one little dive bar sandwiched between two stereotypical clubs. Big Gun Burger Shop is the home of some of the best burgers in Charleston, no-frills punk decor, and mean-mugged bartenders that are layered like onions, not cakes. It also just so happens to be one of the only places in town where extreme-genre bands can have concerts. On this otherwise quiet Tuesday night, Big Gun was in fact, extreme.

Packed to the brim and sweaty as hell, Charleston’s hardcore scene congregated to witness the first fully Charleston hardcore show in over year. Circle Back (who just released a new album called Terminus TODAY) was headlining, and hadn’t played their Holy City home town since November of 2018. Fire and Flood had only played a house show this year, and Lucile, who released their first single in October of 2018, hadn’t played a show ever. Needless to say, blue balls and black tees were everywhere.

From the time the music started, until the final breakdown was played, Big Gun was in chaotic motion. Fans climbing over friends to steal a chance at group vocals. Guest screamers jumping on a mic and bellowing into the crowds face. Push pits, slam dancing, and even local celebrity Brett Nash choke-slamming a dickhead crowd-killer. Between sets, as everyone poured out back to ventilate and share a cigarette, there were friend reunions, back pats, and smiles all around. The chaos that drove the night on is also the fire around which a hardcore scene gathers, and everything about that night was burning hot.

Extra Chill is stoked to have partnered with a newer photographer in town, Kayla Boshard, who has been on the scene at Charleston’s more aggressive shows for the past few months. Kayla fought through the crowd, several other photographers, multiple video cameras, and the thrashing musicians themselves to perform her craft. She risked bodily harm, and even worse, CAMERA HARM to bring you these stellar shots. Please enjoy below.

All photos by Kayla Boshard (Particular Photography). Follow her on Instagram @particularphotographysc.

All photos by Kayla Boshard (Particular Photography). Follow her on Instagram @particularphotographysc.