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Premiere: Mr. Rosewater – “Sleeping In Rob’s Living Room”

There was a period of time about three years back when Mr. Rosewater’s Patrick Tobias was living on his friend Rob’s couch. During that time, Patrick and Rob wrote the aptly-named “Sleeping In Rob’s Living Room”, which is premiering here on Extra Chill this morning in advance of the final Makeout Reef show happening tonight.

When this track was born, Rob had just started writing songs. He showed Patrick a demo he was working on that was only two chords, but there was something special about the way the whole thing felt that motivated the pair to sit down and finish it right away. About half an hour later, “Sleeping In Rob’s Living Room” was completed, and then it went into a drawer for a while.

Then in March of 2017, Mr. Rosewater went out to Patrick’s grandparents’ lake house in Santee, SC to track out some songs that will eventually become a new album. Patrick pulled “Sleeping In Rob’s Living Room” out of that drawer, and the band got started recording. The song initially had lyrics, but during the recording process the band decided to drop the lyrics and let the instrumental beauty remain undistracted by vocals.

“For this track I really wanted it to feel like a dream, which is a larger theme for the entire album,” Patrick says. “We got the chance to include some amazing musicians like R.J. Hample, Tyler Sim, Drew Whittle, and Brooke Thomas, who all took this track to a whole new level. The string arrangements are done by Sam Cooper, who did an amazing job helping us bring our vision to life.”

Listen to the dream that is “Sleeping In Rob’s Living Room” below, and hear Mr. Rosewater bring that dream to life tonight at Makeout Reef, where they will be joined by Platonic Bae, Niecy Blues, and Del Sur. All proceeds from this song will be donated to My Sister’s House, a domestic abuse shelter for women and children in North Charleston, SC.