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Vanity Plates and Hot Showers Release Split Tape

Just in case you needed any more proof that Charleston’s DIY scene is alive and well, Vanity Plates and Hot Showers just released this split tape. They recorded this one at The Dumgeon, which you may be familiar with as the basement studio at Scott Dence’s place. It’s the same Dumgeon where DIY punks DUMB Doctors record all their music, and its becoming a hotspot for local bands to go crank out some low-budget tunes. This Vanity Plates / Hot Showers split is the newest project to be spit out of The Dumgeon.

Both Vanity Plates and Hot Showers have been playing shows around Charleston for a while now without much recorded material to bring home to your family, until now, that is. “WHYDIDUDIE” and “DUI GOD” and the first two songs that Vanity Plates has put out. “Hot” and “Cool” are the first two offerings from Hot Showers, other than their WSBF Live Sessions back in January.

There are some familiar faces in each band, too. Vanity Plates consists of a couple members of Secret Guest, and Hot Showers is boasting some of the Makeout Reef brigade, including members of Del Sur and Camel Blues Band.

Stream that tape below.