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Dumb Doctors Sneak Out New ‘SUX EP’

Local punk leaders Dumb Doctors recently released a new four-song EP to serve as a follow up to their self-titled album, which was released in June, right before the Summer Shindig. Just like the self-titled EP, these songs were recorded in frontman and songwriter Scott Dence’s basement studio nicknamed The Dumgeon. Despite the fact that the songs have all been recorded on the same 4-track in the same basement studio, it seems to me that the recording quality has gotten better on each subsequent release. I’m not sure if that’s my ears getting accustomed to the abrasive lo-fi sound or if Scott is gaining dexterity each time he goes into his basement, but either way I think this might be the best one yet.

Dumb Doctors is like the mouth-breathing, drooling cousin of Secret Guest, in the sense that they’re both avid believers in self-deprecation and both bands encourage playing their music so loud it rattles the paint off your walls. Not to mention Brett Nash plays in both bands. The Dumb Dox have a show scheduled for November 14th at Recovery Room, which is pretty much the perfect venue for them. The grunge in the bar should go nicely with these new tunes. Sweep up those paint chips and put them in your mouth, because it’s time to crank this puppy up. Stream the new SUX EP below.