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Whitehall at Eclectic Cafe and Vinyl on Friday, October 14th (Photos + Recap)

I think it would be unfair to label the Charleston local band Whitehall as belonging to a singular genre of music. They seamlessly fuse together funk, rock, jazz, alt, and quite frankly whatever the hell else they want to create music that was born to be played live. I had the opportunity to see these guys play an acoustic set at Eclectic Cafe and Vinyl on Friday night, and they were nothing short of remarkable.

I dare you to find a group of guys who has as much fun doing what they love as the members of Whitehall. What really strikes me about the band is that they were completely involved in the environment, bouncing energy off of each other in a way that radiates good vibes. The band does not have a weak member, and somehow they all manage to stand out without ever outshining one another. From jazzy saxophone solos and funky bass lines to high-energy drum beats (on a box) and groovy guitar parts that are nothing short of electrifying, Whitehall manages to pack an element of excitement into every note and rhythm they play.

You can hear Whitehall’s new single, “Come August” on Spotify below. It combines the musical strengths of all five members of the band, and is well worth a listen if you like music that makes you want to dance. We hope to see more great things from Whitehall soon!