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Whitehall – “Rose”

Newly Brooklyn-based Whitehall released a fresh tune, “Rose,” on Friday. The band also announced in an Instagram post promoting the single that their upcoming third album, Maizy, will drop January 25th.

“Rose” is a straightforward indie-rock track that begins with a slow-and-steady build up. Paddy McKiernan’s voice has a little reverb, adding grit.

The lead guitar stars to really shine in the chorus, with a standout riff that adds oomph alongside McKiernan’s increasingly dramatic vocals. 

The second verse shows more variation: there’s more overall noise, including some echoes. At the end of the track, a sampling of grainy voicemails is layered over the instrumentation, creating a cacophony of sound. Two guitars pick up and build to a crescendo, and then the sound softens and slows down.

Stream “Rose” by Whitehall below.