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Pinegrove – Cardinal (New Album)

Pinegrove – Cardinal

Pinegrove is a band from Montclair, NJ that plays a unique brand of indie rock with a dash of emo, just the way I like it. They recently released a new album, Cardinal, and it’s dope. Pinegrove just gained a new fan. Not to mention their Twitter account is pretty awesome. I’ve included a couple of their Tweets below.

I’m with you on that, Pinegrove:

i dont wanna go to matawan i wanna stay chillin at my pad & smoke fat marijuana, hon

— Pinegrove (@PinegroveBand) March 6, 2016

Love the nod at Talking Heads in this one:

this is not my bagel! this is not my beautiful bed!

— Pinegrove (@PinegroveBand) February 27, 2016

Alright, that’s enough shenanigans for one post. Listen to the Spotify embed of Pinegrove’s new album, Cardinal, above, and have a kickass day. Extra Chill, out.

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