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b.k.a. David Seward – Stay Busy (Album Review)

b.k.a. David Seward of Melloe Soule Records released his 4th studio album Stay Busy, solely produced by his label counterpart, Matt Graham. David sticks true to the title of the album because beyond being an artist, he engineers, podcasts, and curates events under his Melloe Soule umbrella. He dwells in the waters of Neo-soul, conscious-lyricism and lets the winds of classical hip hop sounds and patterns, to create a new wave of Neo-soul hip-hop music.

Introducing Stay Busy is “Having My Way” serving as a great example of what listeners can expect from the album, showcasing a mix of experimental melodies, nostalgic cadences, substance and memorable hooks. Emphasizing the idea of staying true to yourself in order to become a better person for yourself and being authentic, genuine, and honest in one’s craft. David Seward’s delivery sticks true to the title, as he raps and even sings on the track, ‘having his way’ with how he delivers his creativity to listeners.

“So What” is an anthem that inspires listeners to embrace their true selves and live their lives without fear. Unapologetic confidence and self-assurance given to you by the work you put in and standards you set for your self. Despite the potential negativity that may come, b.k.a. David Seward remains steadfast in his pursuit of success and happiness, as provided by the catchy, feel-good nature of the song.

Reaching the mid-way point, we arrive to “Westside”, a poetic and dreamy bop featuring a well crafted guitar riff that sets the mood for the entire song, giving us a sense of nostalgic longing. The track is Dave reminiscing on love in an almost classic, ‘driving around sunset’ type of backdrop.

This transitions into “Double Back” which speaks on love but in the sense of not giving up on love after losing or turning your back on it. On the other hand, he speaks on ‘doubling back on love’ to make sure it’s still the same after time or situations. Deep, heartfelt, and relatable dynamics of love in a hip-hop album. That’s #GxldAppproved all in itself.

Cranking it back up a notch with “Rap Addict” David snaps and gives his us a look into passion for rap music, driven by his competitive spirit to thrive in the craft. His spoken word rap style is complemented by a repetitious and melodic hook in the outro, which adds an extra layer of depth to the song. This combination of styles is a prevalent feature throughout the album, and I am excited to see how it develops further in his future tunes.

“Born Again” brings the album to its end and features ‘UnHeard Ent’s’ Mos Stef, as b.k.a. David Seward ends the album on a strong note. Full of wisdom, stories of triumph through bad odds, and keeping true to the root or reawakening after being ‘sleep’. Born again through knowledge and wisdom. A cryptically harmonious, intellectual way to end the album.

I’ve shared a few stages and and have watched the progression of Melloe Soule as b.k.a. David Seward and Matt Graham move and shake in the city. From the shows to the collaborative projects, I’m excited to see the development and growth of the Melloe Soule sound, vision, and brand! Stream Stay Busy below and tap in with David Seward and his catalog of #GxldApproved music!