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The Meaning of Tyler Childers’ “House Fire”

“House Fire” was released as the lead single to Tyler Childers’ 2019 album, Country Squire. As the follow up to his breakout release Purgatory in 2017, Childers had set the bar high for himself.

While you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who would tell you that Country Squire is better than Purgatory, “House Fire” is a Childers mainstay, and the album as a whole contains more standout moments including “All Your’n” and the pleasurable “Ever Lovin’ Hand.”

“House Fire” itself is a ripper of a song, tinted with bluegrass and driven by a fiery force.

“House Fire” Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics are straightforward and and concise. Tyler uses the image of a house fire as a metaphor for a passionate relationship, and the power that a certain woman has over him. Naturally we assume this woman is his wife, Senora May.

Let’s look at some of the key lyrics and discuss their meanings.

“You can set my house on fire, baby / You can turn it into cinder and smoke”

Tyler isn’t literally talking about his house. He means that this woman can set his body ablaze. As in, she’s hot enough to burn him to the ground.

“Cause this house is mighty cold and I feel like / Melting all the snow away”

He’s been feeling lonely, and he could really use some love right now. This also brings to mind the popular Jason Isbell song, “Cover Me Up,” with its similar imagery of warming a cold house with a lover.

“You see these boots I’m wearing / They’re tough enough to go”

Tyler’s wearing a strong pair of boots. He’s ready to hit the road and meet this woman immediately.

“And they will take many a road to reach you / Honey, won’t you light the way?”

As long as she’s also interested, he’s willing to travel great distances to be with her.

“You see this train I’m riding / It’s burnin’ up the coal”

Tyler’s train, meaning his life, rolls along at a fast pace.

“And its wheels are bound to roll right by you / Honey, won’t you jump my train?”

His train is passing right through her town, and he invites her to hop on board.

Overall, “House Fire” is a simple, upbeat country-bluegrass banger that holds a welcome place in the growing catalogue of this inspirational musician.

Watch the video for “House Fire” below.

Tyler Childers – “House Fire” (Music Video)