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Undercover at the Noah Kahan Show

Babe Club crushed their 1:30pm set at High Water Fest. Only local band on the lineup.
Photo by Mikayla DiDonato (@mikaylamariefilm)

On Saturday night, I attempted to give Noah Kahan a chance and gave up after 30 minutes, thankfully beating the traffic fiasco out of High Water Fest. Extra Chill had a team of four on the ground, each with our own unique opinions, but I’m the one who decided to say “Noah Kahan is mid” out loud.

Some people were upset about that one. But, several talented people who I really respect told me they agree with what I said. There’s an undercurrent of counter-revolution brewing in the music industry, which is what I talked about with Persona La Ave, among other things.

We’ve got Persona La Ave coming to Charleston from Brooklyn for a “Marathon Boogie” this Saturday night at the Royal American, with support from Strxct & the Homies. Two bands each performing extended sets of groovy music. If you’re in town, come on out!

New Music Radar

I’m a couple days late for my arbitrary deadline for the New Music Radar update, but it’s ready. I added 16 new tracks to our Spotify playlist last night and then spit out this AI image to accompany it. I sourced the playlist mainly from the Extra Chill Community.

We also reorganized our forums and created the “Independent Artists” section that allows you to create a space to share unlimited updates with the community. Lots to check out there, for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

Sorry for using an AI image. Not that sorry though. Welcome to 2024.

SEO Tips for Musicians

Hand-in-hand with our increasingly growing and improving forum is the article I wrote about SEO for Musicians. This means “write about your music online and get heard.” It explains a technical topic very simply and also subtly explains why our forum is so valuable. You can lead a horse to water… but you can’t make it drink.

Cultura Festival 2024 (Photos & Recap)

Thad hopped in with a recap from the third annual Cultura Festival at the Royal American, which was a monumental event, featuring local and National artists for a celebration of black excellence in Charleston. Photos by MaqaveliDaDon.

There’s also an ongoing community discussion about the unfolding rap beef saga, which started out as Kendrick Lamar vs. J. Cole vs. Drake but now includes Kanye West, Rick Ross, and more. Hop in to the discussion, and don’t miss Thad’s recent exploration of the history of the rap beef.

Coming Up: TWEN @ Charleston Pour House – June 9th

Tickets available here