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Lou Algiedi – “Still (Forgive Me)”

Lou Algiedi adds “Still (Forgive Me)” to his string of releases in 2023. He’s dropped consistently since is debut EP Algiedi Szn in 2021 and keeps the ball rolling with his 5th single “Still (Forgive Me)”.

This song is honest, vulnerable, and speaks to the persistence it takes to stay motivated through all odds. Lou Algiedi is usually known for his groovy, feel good, melodic style, but he isn’t afraid to dive in the deep waters of soul seeking sincerity.

With “Still (Forgive Me)”, Lou gives us a deeper look as to what keeps him determined to find success and ‘still’ maintain his mindset of remaining steady through the storm. This is a highly relatable concept because no matter how major or minor, we have all had to maintain positivity and persistence through hard times.

Lou speaks on his own struggles with house arrest, loving beyond past scars, and drowning out the doubt and hate. He uses this as strength to rise from the ashes and continue to build his legacy.

“My heart is so big it’s been broken I spill that / I keep a penny for all of my thoughts / I write when I feel bad / I put my life on these lines if you look at my life then you see it, emphasize the real facts / no negative energy near me, you gotta go kill that / I’m tryna run up these racks like a staircase / remember they clowned me when I was down bad…”

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