Georgia VanNewkirk – “Let The Light In”

Georgia VanNewkirk released a new single, “Let The Light In,” on Friday. It’s her newest release following “Picture You in Paris,” which came out earlier this year.  

“Let The Light In” serves as a raw and uncensored reflection of VanNewkirk’s own struggles with mental health. It’s a piano ballad, and VanNewkirk’s voice is soft and breathy at first, singing desolate lines like “I follow the sun / But I’m just a shadow” and “I want to feel whole / But you leave me so hollow.” 

Her voice picks up more power as she croons “Please let me go / I don’t want to be alone / Let the light in / Let the light in” and “Don’t take hold of me.” 

Echos and a drum beat kick in in the last third of the song, adding emphasis and power to VanNewkirk’s fight against internal darkness. 

“Let The Light In” was co-written by Jay Hurtt and VanNewkirk and produced by Wolfgang Zimmerman and Corey Campbell. Benjamin Mossman and Noah Jones provided instrumentation on the track. Stream it below. 

Kate Bryan

Kate Bryan is the Assistant Editor of Extra Chill. She has contributed South Carolina music & lifestyle content to the blog since 2021.

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