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Raccade Releases Debut EP, Blessed Lil Bastard

Columbia-based rapper Raccade dropped his debut EP, Blessed Lil Bastard, on Friday. The 10-song album is a quick listen, clocking in at just over 20 minutes. 

The opening song and title track, “Blessed Lil Bastard,” sets the tone for an album that will exude intensity. Raccade raps at a feverish pace against a backdrop of ominous beats. Tracks “In My Thoughts” and “Coulda Been” were released as singles earlier this year, and the remaining songs are new.

Some are collaborations: “Racc Racer” features GC, “Bidness” features RaqlivinMarty and Swayfrmda4z, and “BLRR” features 48Legz. The addition of fresh voices on these tracks add dynamism to the album. Closing song “My Year” further emphasizes Raccade’s serious tone and the frenetic pace at which he can rap. 

Stream Blessed Lil Bastard by Raccade below.