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Little Bird – Audiotree Live Session (Full Performance)

Little Bird have recently joined SUSTO and The High Divers in the exclusive ranks of artists from Charleston who have found their way into the Audiotree studio in Chicago. As you probably know, Audiotree has a stellar reputation for discovering up-and-coming bands and recording top quality live sessions with them in their studio.

Audiotree stand true to their reputation with the Little Bird session, which features mostly the singles from their three-part album PROXIMA, as well as fan-favorite (not “Honey Leak”) from 2018’s Familiar, “Made In The Shade (Fool)”. It takes the band a couple of minutes to get dialed in, but by the time they’re halfway through “Who Cares” they’re totally in the zone. Just watch Noah play the intro on keys to “Are You Alright?” and you’ll see what I mean.

The year-long release of Little Bird’s massive album PROXIMA is set to culminate in just under two weeks with the September 23rd release of the third and final piece, PROXIMA: GAMMA. Little Bird will celebrate the album release with a hometown show in Charleston at The Windjammer on September 25th.

Little Bird’s Audiotree Live Session was recorded on August 19th, and is now available on Youtube in its entirety. Watch it below, and stay tuned for the PROXIMA release later this month.


1. 00:00 “Who Cares”
2. 03:28 “Are You Alright?”
3. 08:25 “Made in the Shade (Fool)”
4. 15:29 “Pollinate”
5. 21:23 “Driftin'”